Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is to maximize total return within the individual investor's risk tolerance and time horizon. We help you identify your personal investment criteria including specific needs, financial goals, and risk tolerance as we design your personal portfolio. The asset allocation mix is implemented using no-load mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, individual stocks, and bonds. Mutual funds provide investors with timing, market experience, asset management resources, and the ability to diversify investments.

We specialize in working with clients aged 50 and older who are planning for retirement or are retired. Our clients are generally conservative investors interested in capital preservation and income generation during retirement. Our investment approach is focused first on preserving capital and then on producing income and growing principal, while recognizing that some market risk must be taken. At the same time, we seek to minimize any potential damage that could be caused by major market declines.

All client assets are held by independent custodians, and brokerage statements, transaction confirmations, and year-end tax reports are sent from the custodian directly to you monthly. This arrangement provides you with independent third-party reporting for your assets and investment activity.

Financial Planning

Although we believe in a comprehensive approach to financial planning and prepare full financial plans, we also provide financial planning if a particular issue is of immediate concern to you, such as retirement funding or a review of your current portfolio. Other areas of your financial plan may be added as you are ready.

The fee for financial planning will be quoted to you in advance and is determined based on the complexity of your financial situation and the time estimated to complete the project. We also provide hourly consulting for clients who need advice on just a few key issues or would like a second opinion.

Some typical financial planning projects include:

Company-Sponsored Retirement Plans

We offer consulting and Investment Advisory services to retirement and employee benefit plans of small and medium-sized businesses. These services include investment management and participant education for company-sponsored retirement plans. At your request, we will also work with your plan administrator to reduce the time you need to spend on administration.

Tax Planning and Preparation

We offer federal and state income tax preparation and planning services for our asset management clients. We also advise our clients on tax strategies to defer or reduce their tax burdens when possible.