Status of S&P 500 Index

October 30, 2017


Here, for your convenience, are detailed charts for the S&P 500 in daily, weekly, and monthly views. Click on each one for a detailed view. An explanation of the status displayed is underneath the daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

Daily Chart

Daily Chart

Weekly Chart

Weekly Chart

Monthly Chart

Monthly Chart

Current status is bull market.


This chart is derived from our in-house proprietary momentum methodology, the Tactical Momentum System, or TMS.

TMS is based on our opinion that major changes in market direction come about first through structural transitions in momentum or rate of change. In other words, momentum precedes price.

A signal is taken when two criteria are met:

  1. Change in momentum occurs determined by a proprietary investment model.
  2. A long-term trend-line is broken.

The chart below shows the last signal and the upward sloping trend-line from the beginning of this bull market. Only when a change in momentum is combined with a break of the long-term blue trend-line can we assume a major reversal in trend has taken place.



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