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is committed to helping individuals, family groups, business owners, and executives receive objective, responsive investment management and financial planning services. We have been located in Princeton, NJ since 1986.

We specialize in working with clients aged 50 and older who are planning for retirement or are retired. Our clients are generally conservative investors interested in capital preservation and generating income during retirement. Our investment approach is focused first on preserving capital and then on producing income and growing principal while recognizing that some market risk must be taken. At the same time, we seek to minimize the damage caused by major market declines.

The Challenge

Retirement-minded Americans, particularly those over 50, want options to deal with market volatility and to stem their worries about cash flow during retirement. They want to know, “Will the money be there when I need it?”

Conventional investment advice recommends that you have a well-diversified portfolio, rebalance periodically, and stick with it, because eventually market returns will revert to historical averages—“return to the mean” in academic speak. So the conventional advice says you should be a long-term investor. The problem is that retirees and near-retirees don't have a time frame of ten or more years to wait to achieve historical average returns—they need to know they can withdraw from their portfolio now or, for near-retirees, within the next five years. Being a “long-term investor” could force them to sell investments to cover living expenses when the markets are down, causing them to lock in losses (lose money) because they can't wait for a return to the mean.

These are volatile times in global financial markets. “Buy and hold” investors have not been served well blindly following the “stocks always go up over the long run” crowd, which includes some financial institutions, mutual fund marketers, and academics. “Buy and hold” has become “buy and hope.”

Markets are forever changing, and financial advisors have had to adjust their strategies to reflect the 24/7 short-term trading activity of today's markets.

At Halberstadt Financial Consultants, we use an investment approach that takes the best of the two worlds of behavioral finance theory and modern portfolio theory. This policy gets more defensive as markets rise and stocks become frothy and gets more aggressive as markets decline and fear pervades investors' minds. This approach has protected our client portfolios well throughout the last decade, and we will continue this approach in these uncertain times.

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